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TS 2 standard hall effect electronic axes

Made with two axes with circular fixing plate, with analogue and digital direction outputs. In the ON/OFF version, these can control solenoid valves up to a maximum of 3.5A-12V.
The supply voltage can be 12-24V.
Different handgrips are available with multiple button layouts and colours to meet the most varied needs.
Innovative design thanks to the total absence of electromechanical or sliding contacts for analogue outputs and production with surface-mounted electronics (SMD).
Movement mechanics designed to last over time in heavy applications.

All measurements are in millimetres. The data reported in the publication is not binding. IPC reserves the right to make changes without notice. When ordering, please ask for confirmation of the measurements.


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IPC products are control devices and cannot be used with a safety function. The safety function must be implemented with suitable devices.

The use of the control must be allowed only to personnel trained in its use and that of the controlled equipment.