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CVP21 – control unit for programmable valve control

CVP21: 12V or 24V power supply

CONNECTION: 56-pin connector with locking and polarisation type 211 PC5620008 -FCI- IP 68; SIGMA-2 contacts,
1.5 mm for cables from 0.5 to 2 mm2.

INPUTS: 6 digital and 4 analogue.
OUTPUTS: 6 total (max 4 simultaneous).
OUTPUT CONFIGURATION: 2 digital with positive switching output (High Side); 2 independent bidirectional channels in current-controlled PVM.
OPERATING voltage: for 12V version (9.6…16V); for 24V version (18…28V).
PROTECTION: IP 67 for the control unit.
INTERFACE: serial (RS 232) for the programming terminal. STATUS LED: External LED. NOTE: 2 built-in safety relays. VERSION: to be combined with 2 single-axis joysticks or with a bidirectional joystick.
HOUSING: metal closed with fixing flanges.
DIMENSIONS: 205x45x195 mm including flange connector. MOUNTING: with 4 screws M5xL DIN 7500 or DIN 7984. Horizontal or vertical wall mounting.

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IPC products are control devices and cannot be used with a safety function. The safety function must be implemented with suitable devices.

The use of the control must be allowed only to personnel trained in its use and that of the controlled equipment.