1 Find a Joystick Family

  • Step 1: Number of Axles
  • Step 2: Detection
  • Step 3: Number of commands

Search instructions

Select the features you need to find the right product family, which is highlighted in the grid below. After the procedure you will have a 13-character product code that indicates precisely the characteristics of the product you need and that you can use in all future communications.

2 Choose a family among those compatible

Guidelines for choosing

Select a family of compatible joystick between those, then you will be guided in the electric set.

3 Configure the Family selected

Digital Outputs:

Instructions for Configuration

Select the desired characteristics from those available. The characteristics are used to dial the code designating the product, in order to facilitate ordering.

4 Configure the electrical controls

1° code position:
2° code position:
3° code position:
Standard Output tension:

Instructions for Configuration

The electrical controls are available depend on the handle selected.

5 Special finishes

Instructions for Configuration

Choose any special finishes

6 Customizations

Instructions for Configuration

Describe the special needs of the desired product, one of our technicians will check the feasibility of the request.

Resulting code

Get a quote

Get a quote

You have completed your selection, you can now request a quote requested article. Write down the code for a possible rearrange.